Nu Echo announces the release of the NuBot platform 3.12: Performance testing innovation designed for telephony infrastructure and contact centers

PRESS RELEASE: Nu Echo, leading solutions developer and professional services organisation specializing in the enterprise level contact center market announced the release of NuBot platform 3.12, its proprietary performance testing platform. On the market since 2010, NuBot allows organizations to evaluate the true performance of their telephony infrastructure and contact centers from end-to-end.

Telephony infrastructures has become more complex over the years which means the chance of system issues is almost guaranteed. Going live with a system that hasn’t been tested is reckless and asking for trouble. The reality is, if you don’t find the issues first, clients surely will. The NuBot platform automates performance testing, allowing enterprises to validate the functionality and capacity the system can actually handle.
NuBot platform 3.12 provides more advanced features and functionality that the market has been waiting for.

Some of the features that will be included in 3.12 are:

  • A new web interface featuring social login, single-click test launch, real-time monitoring and analytics straight from your browser
  • New application state tracking mechanism featuring audio pattern matching
  • Several concurrency optimisations features allowing for new levels of call density
  • These improvements make the NuBot platform 3.12 both more powerful and flexible.

“We are very excited to announce the launch of NuBot 3.12. Our clients will no doubt see and experience the platform, interface and dashboard improvements.” states Mr. Daniel Paradis, VP Business Development at Nu Echo. “Not all our clients want to do testing themselves and so we now offer our Fast-Track package which provides a turnkey solution; pairing the NuBot platform 3.12 with our highly trained professional services team. Clients are looking to ensure the performance of their systems, which translates into improved client experience and operations. Nu Echo and NuBot make that happen.”

As part of the NuBot platform 3.12 release, Nu Echo is offering 200 NuBot minutes free to trial the hosted platform. The offer is valid for one month from the date the trial begins.

Client experience is top of mind for organisations of all sizes. Ensuring a consistent client experience regardless of whether a service is being rendered in person, through the web or on the phone is a must. Testing reduces the risk of client dissatisfaction and inefficient operations associated to a poorly functioning contact center or telephony infrastructure. Tools and services exist to help ensure telephony systems are hitting the performance targets that were intended and allowing you to truly validate the system’s efficiency.