Verint and Squiz Announce Partnership to Further Enable Digital Transformation for Government

PRESS RELEASE: Verint® Systems and Squiz, an Australian-founded global technology and strategy business that drives digital transformation for its clients, today announced a global partnership. Together, the organizations will provide the consulting, technology and experience required to deliver market-leading digital transformation strategies for government.

Today, national, regional and local governments across the world are implementing digital transformation strategies, reflecting the need to proactively help deliver citizen services and develop smarter cities. A key focus of such strategies is to help make government services accessible and provide support to their citizens and businesses when needed. This shift to digital is more responsive to citizen and community needs, typically reducing phone or contact center call volumes, and helps government organizations identify monetary savings.

Governments across the world—national and local—are struggling to deliver against their digital transformation strategy targets. This is partly because of the complexity of IT systems and the need to modernize outdated processes. Verint’s global partnership with Squiz helps government organizations take a fresh approach to designing, connecting systems and executing their digital transformation strategies.

“Digital transformation is a journey. There’s a lot more to learn from the experience of other industries, and government organizations are looking for technology partners that can help augment their teams and exceed citizen expectations,” says David Moody, vice president and global practice leader, government and public sector, Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions™.“This is why we’re excited about the partnership with Squiz. We can help address both current and future government needs, ultimately enabling them to deliver experiences equivalent to, or better than, those in established commercial organizations.”

Squiz helps drive digital transformation for its clients through a combination of consulting and technology. Its consultancy covers the full range of digital transformation services from strategy to customer experience design, analytics, accessibility audits, content mentoring, and even training. The technology comprises Squiz’s content management system (CMS) offering, Matrix, and Squiz’s search engine offering, Funnelback.

“Squiz is dedicated to driving digital transformation journeys for government agencies, and we’re thrilled to partner with Verint to extend our offerings and capabilities to a customer network that is poised to transform how their citizens interact with government,” says John-Paul Syriatowicz, Group CEO, Squiz.

Verint already supports government organizations across the world with its Verint® Engagement Management™ solution, which enables customers to access their services digitally across mobile, web, open data and open services. Squiz and Verint together can now help these government organizations mature their digital strategies and deliver even more value through the provision of a newly enhanced digital first engagement management offering.

Moody adds, “Our Verint digital-first engagement management offering provides public sector organizations with the technology they need to be successful today and in the future. Digital customers can now expect the same web experiences in government that they get from commercial organizations – seamless and personalized – where the information or services they need finds them and they get support when they need it, resulting in better experiences for the customer and delivered outcomes for government.”