Talk Straight Unveil New Customer-Facing Portal

PRESS RELEASE: One of the UK’s leading telecoms providers, Talk Straight, has announced the arrival of a new, enhanced, consumer facing portal, giving its customers unprecedented access to live data. The move comes following a record six months for the Yorkshire based company, which continued its impressive growth in the telecommunications sector.

Contact Centre CLUB

The Talk Straight Customer Portal allows clients to monitor their traffic flow, giving them access to real-time information regarding their bandwidth, jitter and latency. With up to the minute statistics, consumers can monitor their telecoms and internet services 24 hours a day, raise queries, make plans to accommodate additional usage where necessary and proactively manage their requirements.

David Tindall, Managing Director of Talk Straight said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer the Talk Straight Customer Portal to new and existing clients. It’s important that alongside our expertise and technological support, our customers do have control over their own telecoms service. This portal gives them access to real-time reports for self-monitoring, but can also provide simplified reports for our consumers to then circulate in-house.

“The portal is one important step in our growth as a business, further developments will eventually allow customers to order telecoms services direct from the portal and make changes to their firewall settings themselves. Built and redesigned based on feedback from our clients, the Talk Straight Customer Portal is the next step in our mission to offer the best possible customer service experience.”

For more information about the new portal, or to arrange a telecoms review with Talk Straight, please visit