Castel Unveils New Transcription Speech Analytics Solution, Castel Explore™

PRESS RELEASE: Castel announced plans to release Castel Explore™ transcription-based speech analytics. Offered as cloud-based or on-premise solution, Castel Explore™ will deliver transcription and speech analytics of call recordings faster and more accurately than other leading vendors in the market.

Contact Centre CLUB

At such a rate, customers can upload, transcribe and analyze hundreds, even thousands of audio recordings in a matter of minutes.

“Castel Explore™ is designed to assist call centers looking to analyze call recordings in batch mode at a very high rate of speed and with high accuracy,” states John Ripa, Chief Operating Officer for Castel. “Castel Explore™ can be set up rather quickly and scaled to provide immediate value and ROI for small, mid-sized and large call centers,” Ripa comments.

Castel Explore’s™ most significant features include a clear-cut interface providing word/phrase trending, specific word/phrase search, compliance risk and customer complaint event review. Priced competitively lower than other solutions, Castel Explore™ will be available Q1 2016.