Over 400 Small Businesses Trialling App2Chat Mobile Office System

PRESS RELEASE: In the space of a month since launch at the Business Show, Pink Telephone’s mobile office phone system is proving a compelling product for small businesses in the always-connected mobile era. Launched at The Business Show in December last month, the Pink Telephone Company’s mobile office system for small and medium sized enterprises is fast gaining traction with small businesses in Britain.

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Called App2Chat, over 400 SMEs are progressively introducing the mobile office system into their daily operations and Pink Telephone expects to have a 2,000 SME business user base by October 2016. The firm is also seeking resellers to upsell App2Chat to their SME customers and expects to sign up 20 by the end of January.

In Britain alone, App2Chat could help 5 million plus SMEs businesses to slash the cost of communications by up to 50% with better quality and end the era of high and recurring capital investments in telecoms hardware and software in the office. With the App2Chat installed on smartphones, SME office and field personnel have the equivalent of a fully blown mobile switchboard in the palm of their hands with all the features of a classic cord-based PBX for use at any time or location.

App2Chat features include voicemail, auto attendant, call transfer, call forwarding and call recording and the ability to have multiple phone numbers sitting on one device to make business or personal calls. A further stand-out feature is the availability of landline numbers for more than 65 countries worldwide. Existing numbers can also be transferred to App2Chat quickly and the system is scalable enabling new contacts to be added into the mobile office system with a few clicks.

No capital investment is needed whatsoever, allowing telecoms budgets to be allocated elsewhere in the business. The service does not impact on data usage or incur data charges. When travelling overseas, App2Chat works over that country’s GSM network or Wi-Fi zones.

“Since launch, App2Chat has captured the attention of business owners and office managers alike and is fast becoming the must-have mobile office system of choice,” says Nolan Braterman, Chairman, The Pink Telephone Company. “Quite simply, it’s a game changer for a smarter, busier, business world.”

The App2Chat “Cut the Cord” unified communications app has been developed for the Pink Telephone Company by London software house RIPTec.