ClickFox hits 100 Billion Journeys across platforms!

PRESS RELEASE: ClickFox is proud to announce that its journey analytics platforms, across global clients and multiple business verticals, has surpassed 100 Billion connected Journeys. The stories locked within thousands of files and data structures are being told through the visualization of journeys for ClickFox clients.

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The Journey Dataset is quickly becoming the most intelligent data format to use for analysis, further proof of ClickFox being the leader and standard in journey analysis. “Data has a story, and it doesn’t lie. The ability to quickly, simply, and intelligently see this story has brought the value hidden in raw data directly into the hands of executive decision makers, which is helping them drive the best and most accurate strategy,” says Marco Pacelli, CEO of ClickFox.

Don’t be fooled by counterfeit products, and companies with recent acquisitions,that claim to provide journey analytics capabilities. A true Journey Analytics technology connects, delivers the story, purpose, and business context for the journey across all enterprise data; independent of data volume and data type. It allows maximum flexibility in the hierarchy of journey viewing and analysis to quickly derive root cause. Providing the ability to query customer interaction data is not journey analytics.

ClickFox has dedicated the last decade to perfecting the ability to rebuild the stories across disparate data types to deliver the most intelligent data asset for enterprises. “The human mind absorbs, cleanses, connects, and derives decisions from massive volumes of data every micro millisecond. ClickFox continues its mission to deliver the same to the leading enterprises that want to change the ways they help their clients, and the world, with more accuracy and results. With our new Hadoop architecture, there is no stopping us,” says Marco Pacelli, CEO.

ClickFox is the creator of the journey data standard and the only specialized journey solution certified and embedded in Hadoop.With over a decade of expertise monetizing the world’s largest customer interaction sources, ClickFox has proven successful at transforming big data into connected, dynamic journeys delivering billions in incremental revenue, operational efficiencies and c-sat improvements to our clients.

ClickFox is passionate about putting journey creation capabilities in anyone’s hands and to make journey data available to any business unit in the enterprise. By enabling the business user to create journeys and include their knowledge as attributes within the data, they can now work hand in hand with their Data Science and IT teams. ClickFox Journey Datasets include connected, intelligent, journey data, as defined by the business, and are easily made available as input to predictive models or downstream operational treatment. ClickFox is also very committed to furthering journey analysis methods and approaches through introducing the next generation analysis approach, journey science.

Beware of the counterfeit companies claiming to have journey analytic capabilities. ClickFox IS Journeys.