Starfish Announces New Monitoring & Optimization Solutions

PRESS RELEASE: Starfish Associates, a leading provider of telecom software solutions for large enterprises, has introduced two new tools to its Unified Communications (UC) Monitoring & Optimization portfolio. Starfish CM Dashboard and Starfish Call Analyzer now round out the portfolio’s offerings which also include the company’s Resource Manager and Trunk Dashboard.

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“These new solutions monitor, audit and optimize resources for UC platforms, and fill significant gaps that exist in the way telephony resources are being monitored today,” noted Robert Hankin, Co-Founder and Partner of Starfish Associates. “The larger the enterprise, the more critical these tools become for optimal management of the UC environment,” Hankin said.

Starfish CM Dashboard is a real time executive summary display of UC systems’ vital signs including CPU usage, gateway health, concurrent calls and more. This highly configurable application displays measurements it collects from Avaya Communication Manager and Cisco Unified Communication Manager. The dashboard’s home page displays a list of UC systems with a quick summary of related measurements, each with configurable polling intervals.

Selecting a specific UC system will focus the display on measurements including processor occupancy, gateway status, alarms trunks, IP stations and active call and more. Clicking on any of the dashboard icons allows a user to drill down on specific details including historic data.

“This application is designed for telecom managers and administrators of large enterprises who want the ability to quickly assess the vital statistics of multiple UC systems,” said Hankin. “Like many of our solutions, the main benefit is to automate otherwise time-consuming, manual telecom processes. In this case, it’s the process of collecting and analyzing critical data from UC systems. Administrators can set certain thresholds for notifications – for example if CPU usage goes over a specific threshold, they can be immediately notified. Getting this level of real-time data about the health of their communication systems is extremely valuable.”

Starfish Call Analyzer captures call detail records from Avaya Communication Manager for users outside the contact center, providing insight into the phone usage activities of these users, and offers the ability to obtain detailed analysis, real-time measurement visualization graphs, and comprehensive reports.

“Currently large enterprises have visibility into their contact centers, but don’t have a clear view of how users outside the contact center interact with customers,” Hankin said. “By analyzing call detail records for users outside the contact center, management gains key information which can then be used to improve and optimize overall customer satisfaction.”

This solution displays call logs and summary statistics by phone user. It also provides detailed usage reports exposing idle or seldom used phones, detailed call logs, statistics of call disposition and call handling, plus voicemail call back detection.