MiaRec Launches a New Complete Solution for Call Recording and Contact Center Performance Management

PRESS RELEASE: MiaRec released a new version of MiaRec, an award-winning call recording and quality management software for contact centers. MiaRec launches a new complete solution for contact center performance management, featuring advanced call recording functionality, agent evaluation and powerful, customizable performance reporting.

A total Quality Management Suite is a powerful tool for contact centers to boost agents’ performance, enhance customer experience and build customer loyalty.

MiaRec Quality Management Suite is an all-in-one integrated solution composed of 4 components – MiaRec Call Recording, Live Monitoring, Score Cards and Reporting.

Call Recording

Call Recording module records and archives agents’ calls, that can be easily accessed via web-interface, searched instantly and replayed right inside a web-browser. Real-time dashboard provides an at a glance view of calls-per-day, call duration, active calls, total number of recorded calls, and more.

Live monitoring

Live Monitoring allows supervisors to monitor employees’ calls in real-time to coach staff and leverage better customer service.

Agent Evaluation

Agent Evaluation provides contact center with a tool to deliver targeted evaluation and constantly monitor agents’ performance using highly customizable score cards.


Comprehensive Reporting feature generates statistics for agents’ performance to provide a better insight of overall performance of a contact center. Contact center managers can see and analyze in-depth performance trends in a fully customized format.

“We are continually working on our product’s functionality and enhancements to deliver the best-of-breed contact center solutions to the market.” – Said Gennady Bezko, CEO of MiaRec, Inc. – “We see a high demand for all-in-one integrated solution from our contact center customers and we believe they will be pleased with the new features available in our product.“