iQventures Taps IBM Watson for Customer Call Center Sentiment Analysis

PRESS RELEASE: iQventures, a leader in call center and call intelligence technology, announced it has joined the IBM Watson ecosystem and is leveraging Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities to provide clients with call sentiment and speech analytics through its SpeechiQ platform. Community Choice Financial, Inc. is leveraging SpeechiQ powered by IBM Watson for compliance monitoring, script adherence, and caller sentiment features.

“We’re thrilled to be an IBM Watson Ecosystem Partner,” iQventures CEO Nick Bandy said. “Watson’s superior cognitive computing capabilities allow us to offer one of the industry’s most sophisticated and actionable speech analytics solutions at an exceptionally cost-effective level.”

A cloud-based platform, SpeechiQ transcribes incoming calls through its own automated speech recognition engine and runs these transcripts through Watson’s language sentiment tool, offered via IBM’s Watson Developer Cloud, which offers text analysis through natural language processing to help users understand sentiment, keywords, entities, and high-level concepts of conversations. With the ability to understand the context of the conversation, SpeechiQ enables organizations to measure relative sentiment across all calls, agents, and channels in near real time to maximize call center effectiveness. The tool also provides an effective, customizable dashboard for call center and operations management.

“Sentiment is an important diagnostic for us,” said Ted Saunders, CEO of Community Choice Financial, Inc. “The SpeechiQ platform, powered by IBM Watson, enables us to truly measure and monitor this by call center and by agent.”

SpeechiQ requires no additional equipment or start-up costs, and can be implemented virtually immediately.