Enables Global Coverage for SMBs by Using Voxbone’s DID Numbers

PRESS RELEASE: has sourced Voxbone to offer high-quality DIDs in more than 55 countries and 8,000 cities worldwide. Voxbone has added more than 10 new countries and 3,000 cities since began using its services nearly a decade ago. By using Voxbone’s DIDs,’s customers reap the benefits of Voxbone’s global coverage, carrier-grade quality of service, and real-time provisioning.

The key to success for many growing small- and medium-sized businesses is to have a local presence in every area where they have customers. With the integration of Voxbone’s DIDs, SMBs using can have the appearance of a local presence in each region where they serve customers – even if they don’t yet have a physical location there.

“We have relied on Voxbone’s numbers for many years, and have had a positive experience from day one,” said Joel Maloff, Sr. Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at “Having a local phone ring regardless of where that business is will be increasingly important as the use of cloud communications continues to grow.”

“With the integration of Voxbone’s services, satisfies a sweet spot in the SMB market: enabling a global presence at a low cost,” said Voxbone CEO Itay Rosenfeld. “And the fact is, nearly every company of this size is either doing business internationally or trying to. We’re proud to be part of the solution that helps them achieve this.”

In addition to global coverage, Voxbone’s real-time provisioning capabilities allow resellers like to provide numbers on demand, significantly reducing traditional lead time between request and accessibility. Also, because calls are delivered over its private global backbone, Voxbone’s network provides carrier-grade quality of service of calls.