Tele2 selects the Outbound Dialer / Voice Broadcasting of Comsys

PRESS RELEASE: Telecom operator Tele2 has selected the IVR Outbound Dialer Voice Broadcasting solution of Comsys. With the IVR Outbound Dialer Tele2 can contact thousands of people in a short time for marketing, emergency, top-up, billing notifications or other services.

The IVR Outbound Dialer / Voice Broadcasting is one of the solutions which is available in the Comsys Service Delivery Platform. The IVR Outbound Dialer will be activated on the PAN-European Service Delivery platform delivered by Comsys.

The IVR Outbound dialer / Voice Broadcasting is very flexible and easy to use. Users can create multiple outbound campaigns for each unique list of numbers to be called and combine this with IVR flows. Each campaign can have its dedicated settings like calling number, calendar and ring time.

In addition to the IVR Outbound Dialer / Voice Broadcasting, Tele2 is already using the , Interactive Voice Response, Survey, Service Creation Environment, Intelligent Roaming and the Missed Call Alert solutions from Comsys for all of its European subsidiaries. The IVR Outbound dialer is available out of the box and also on the Cloud Based Service platform of ComsysConnect