Altitude Strategy Center Delivers Intelligent Outbound at the Speed of Business

PRESS RELEASE: Altitude Software announces the availability of the latest Altitude Strategy Center solution. It provides contact centers with state-of the-art features for the real-time strategic control of outbound campaigns, maximizing success rates and improving customer experience.

Altitude Strategy Center helps contact center management choose the right contacts to dial at the right time. Contact lists can be used in multiple campaigns and can be segmented using a multitude of parameters from each contact profile and history. This segmentation allows the contact center to prioritize the most relevant and most likely to succeed contacts for each specific campaign. Dialing can be controlled and managed using KPI’s, priorities, filters, agent skills, etc. Real-time campaign performance monitoring allows for fast adjustment and enhancement of campaign strategy.

Intelligent customer engagement is key for business growth

“Our Strategy Center helps companies become more efficient and more successful in their contacts and communications in sales, marketing and customer service”, states David Romero, Chief Marketing Officer at Altitude. “We enable contact centers to intelligently engage customers by delivering the right message, at the right time, using the right channel, and the right agent”.

Altitude Strategy Center helps optimizing campaign strategies by supporting multiple contact lists and DNCLs per campaign, offering complex outbound dialing rules and rescheduling parameters, allowing to choose between several pacing modes and different agent skills. Management can also closely monitor each segment by setting specific alarms and changing contact strategies in real time, to guarantee optimal performance and quickly adapt to new emerging business needs relevant to the campaign goals.

UK Insurance Services Provider Increases Contact Rates and Conversion

Europa Group provides a wide range of insurance solutions to the general public, insurance brokers, insurance companies and affinity partners in the UK. Following significant business growth over the last few years, Europa Group decided to improve its capacity to follow-up leads by phone and to maximize sales, while unifying telesales operations for all their products and services.

The Altitude Strategy Center enabled Europa Group to create business segments, extensive filters, automatic time schedules and others to maximize each contact list to its fullest. Associating business segments with high value data to the best agents also improved business results and agent performance. Paul Sanders, Dialer Manager at Europa Group stated that Altitude Strategy Center gave them the “Ability to dynamically target high value data at a given particular time frame when historical analysis has shown value to be gained”.