InfoArmor Selects Genesys Solutions to Enhance Customer Experience

PRESS RELEASE: Genesys announced that InfoArmor has selected the Genesys Customer Experience Platform to enable the company to seamlessly engage with customers to provide a differentiated customer experience.

Over 600 businesses rely on identity protection and advanced threat intelligence services from InfoArmor in order to keep employee, customer and corporate data safe from fraud. InfoArmor’s contact center serves as a critical point of engagement to handle inquiries ranging from customer service requests to handle complex and time-sensitive security concerns from customers.

Flexible Platform Arms Agents For All Touchpoints

By leveraging the Premier Edition of the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, InfoArmor employees are able to have complete customer insights to enable personalized and seamless customer interactions. The flexible cloud-based deployment allows for easy scalability to ramp up or down based on InfoArmor’s business needs. Additional solutions, including reporting and analytics, will provide a real-time view into InfoArmor’s contact center, allowing insight into the entire customer journey.

“InfoArmor’s brand promise is built on the protection of sensitive customers information, so customer interactions and engagement need to support and deliver on that promise,” said Tom Eggemeier, President of Genesys. “We are honored to be able to provide InfoArmor with a complete solution that arms staff with all the information they need to quickly resolve customer inquiries, and allows the company to scale to support explosive growth.”