Stratus Contact Solutions Launches Ignite 2016: A New Era for Connecting Customer Experiences

PRESS RELEASE: Stratus Contact Solutions is proud to announce the launch of its proprietary integrated customer service offering Ignite 2016: A New Era for Connecting Customer Experiences. Developed in collaboration with their partner Social Strategy1, Ignite 2016 will provide brands with a feature-rich customer support and analytics platform.

Ignite 2016 leverages data from a variety of platforms to provide client customers a 360-degree communications experience and to provide clients value-added, actionable insights and analytics from those customer interactions.

Ignite 2016 merges a range of customer engagement mediums to create communication channels for client customers and analytics for their businesses. These include everything from traditional customer service channels to social media, email and live chat. Ignite 2016 delves deep into every customer interaction to unlock insights, customer sentiment and behavior that can be used to boost business’ bottom lines. From improving sales to creating more efficient business processes, Ignite 2016 can deliver long-term value for brands by providing actionable analytics regardless of channel.

Stratus has leveraged nearly 20 years of contact center experience, along with the industry leading social media analytics tools created by Social Strategy 1 to create a true connected customer experience. Stratus has long been a proponent of the importance of utilizing social media as a customer engagement platform. Stratus’ partnership with Social Strategy 1 will enable brands to engage directly with customers, not merely delivering marketing and direct support, but actually using these interactions to mine valuable consumer data.

“For more than a decade, Stratus Contact Solutions has made it our mission to provide our clients with a fully integrated customer support experience. It is our strong belief that every customer interaction—whether taking place in a call center, email, or social media post—is a value-adding opportunity. Ignite 2016, brings together our best customer service capabilities with deep analytics to lower costs and increase ROI,” said Mike Lewis, CEO of Stratus Contact Solutions.