Voxbone Provides Global Foundation for Aircall’s Voice Collaboration Platform

PRESS RELEASE: Aircall, who just landed another seed investment round of $2.75M for its online phone system, has enhanced its platform by integrating Voxbone’s direct inward dialing (DID) numbers. With Voxbone’s licensed, carrier-grade network and real-time provisioning capabilities, Aircall can instantly generate high-quality numbers for its customers.

These local numbers are available from more than 55 countries and 8,000 cities, enabling Aircall customers to have a global presence.

Aircall has designed a business phone system that does not rely on hardware such as desk phones. Instead, users download an app on their devices, including computers, tablets and smart phones. This eliminates the need for traditional phone systems, and neatly integrates phone communications with the company’s software infrastructure. In fact, Aircall is compatible with all commonly-used business software, including Salesforce, Zendesk, Pipedrive, Zoho and Slack, so businesses can tailor to the optimal solution. Now, with Voxbone’s DIDs, Aircall can now provide its services almost anywhere in the world, increasing flexibility for its customer base.

“Most of our customers are small businesses that don’t necessarily practice traditional business methods, and as such, they are looking to accommodate employees who may work offsite or even in other countries,” said Olivier Pailhes, founder and CEO of Aircall. “By the shear scope of their reach, Voxbone’s DIDs eliminate these concerns for small companies who need to communicate on a global scale.

“Aircall brings the bells and whistles of Fortune 500 contact centers to small teams, allowing them to offer a seamless communications experience to their customers,” said Voxbone’s CEO Itay Rosenfeld. “It’s truly impressive that Aircall has integrated with a wide range of the best SaaS tools out there, especially given the early stage of the company. We are honored to provide Aircall’s users with robust global telephony access, further establishing them as serious players on the international scene.”