Zappix & VisualVault Address Mobility, Compliance and Flexibility With Visual IVR/ECM Integration

PRESS RELEASE: Zappix, the Smartphone Visual IVR provider and VisualVault®, a leading ECM software solutions vendor, announced today integration between the Zappix Visual-IVR solution and the VisualVault ECM product suite.

These leading edge technologies will empower users of smartphones and tablets with seamless integration between eForms, workflow, document management, and reports, merging mobile data collection with powerful enterprise content management and extensive analytic capabilities. Combining these innovative solutions frees users to focus on using information to drive growth, automate business processes, improve customer service and lower costs. This integrated offering enables a better and smoother workflow experience through the data and document management lifecycle, from the creation and editing of mobile forms through the administration, storage, and data management of the content.

“I’m excited that VisualVault Selected the Zappix mobile forms solution for integration into their ECM Document Management suite,” said Zappix Chairman, Avner Schneur. “The joint offering provides a powerful end-to-end solution where data flows from the customer’s smartphone to the cloud-based ECM software for storage and records management, and then back to the smartphone for display. The flow is instant and highly intuitive, following the natural way electronic records management and records life cycles function. This is a very powerful capability, that improves the customer experience, promotes greater user satisfaction and helps enhance a company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS).”

“Recent customer service research emphasizes how today’s customers demand effortless customer service over a range of touch-points and communication channels,” added Gal Steinberg, Vice President of Marketing for Zappix. “In response, companies are looking, more and more, to deploy and maintain mobile touch-points that meet their customer expectations and their business goals.”

Weighing in for VisualVault, Tod Olsen, the company’s Vice President of Technology said, “This is a great opportunity for both of our companies. Like Zappix, we, too, are extremely excited about this coming together of Visual IVR, mobile eForms and the VisualVault ECM system. I’m quite confident that this integration with Zappix will provide extensive additional benefits for VisualVault customers.”

The easy-to-use Zappix Smartphone Visual-IVR platform, combined with the robust ECM functionality of VisualVault, provides a better, smoother workflow experience throughout the data and document management lifecycle for mobile users. It gives organizations the ability to extend their already powerful Zappix IVR with the extensive solutions of VisualVault, expanding ECM directly to the graphical interface of the smartphone. An inexpensive and fast-to-deploy solution, it places both capability and convenience at the customer’s fingertips.