WebsiteAlive to Release AliveInbox Product by End of Q2

PRESS RELEASE: WebsiteAlive has created a powerful new product for its enterprise chat suite—one that will compete with, and possibly eclipse, the offerings of larger powerhouse chat supplier brands. The online communications firm plans to introduce an enterprise e-mail management system called AliveInbox to complement its existing products, which include online chat, click-to-call, secure in-chat transactions, and integration with social media.

A few very large firms in the chat space currently hold a significant market share among Fortune 1000 clients and large call centers. However, WebsiteAlive sees a major market opportunity because these industry giants have not been as innovative in launching important add-ons such as enterprise e-mail management. WebsiteAlive, meanwhile, hears what the big players’ customers are asking for and responds with new, better features.

“This is David versus Goliath,” says Adam Stass, CEO and partner at WebsiteAlive. “Goliath doesn’t always win. When we are contacted by large call centers or big Fortune brands who ask us to create custom solutions or to combine chat with e-mail campaigns and social, we say ‘Yes, of course!’ WebsiteAlive now has the ability to offer a full 360 omni-channel solution, including Software + People and add-ons such as social, email, chat, and people. Brands are looking for one vendor that has it all. It just makes life easier.”

WebsiteAlive is already a force to be reckoned with in the chat space: the majority of major-league sports franchises in North America already use its chat product, and the company has a significant presence in other sectors such as hospitality, government, and retail. But launching AliveInbox will allow WebsiteAlive to break open the enterprise market and put them on a level playing field with the big players. Stass is undaunted. “We have been the David since day one,” he says.

AliveInbox will debut in 2016 by the end of Q2. It is an intelligent and comprehensive enterprise email response management solution that addresses complex customer service response needs via email. It scans incoming emails and searches for relevant keywords; then, based on customer questions, it introduces a tag that allows agents to respond quickly and efficiently.

Like all of WebsiteAlive’s products, AliveInbox will feature streamlined, intuitive analytics, and its appearance will be 100 percent customizable. Users can brand it with their own logos and color schemes, creating a seamless experience that supports their brand identity.

To offer the new solution, WebsiteAlive is partnering with Etech Global Services, a leading provider of customer engagement solutions for many of the world’s most trusted brands.

“We are excited about our partnership with WebsiteAlive to deliver state-of-the-art technology and experienced people that fuel an ever-improving, effortless customer experience,” says Jim Iyoob, Etech’s executive vice president of customer experience.

Stass says enterprise chat industry leaders are great at what they do, and are revered for a reason—but they sometimes make the mistake of assuming that what their clients need is what they offer. It’s a chicken-or-egg fallacy that can lead to stagnant offerings. WebsiteAlive, on the other hand, is sized to be nimble. The company thrives on creating just-right, innovative solutions like AliveInbox.

“On one hand, it’s hard for us to compete with these large, respected companies,” Stass says. “But on the other hand, it’s easy to listen to their clients and find out what they really need, then offer them a better solution. That’s where we have the edge. By treating our customers with attention—and most of all, find out what their needs are, we’re surging forward. We’re growing faster than we’ve ever grown before.”

AliveChat, WebsiteAlive’s industry-leading live chat product, is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that can be embedded on a website, in an e-mail or advertisement, or on a Twitter account or Facebook page. It allows viewers to connect with company representatives instantly by clicking on a button or link. Because the product is fully hosted on WebsiteAlive’s servers, there is no equipment to buy and no software to install. AliveChat Mobile is included at no charge, making chats accessible via handheld devices.

WebsiteAlive also offers AliveDial, a click-to-call platform that allows visitors to enter their phone number and be connected immediately with a company. WebsiteAlive’s AliveConcierge service answers chats on behalf of companies that are too busy to answer online chat or would prefer to outsource that capability. Leads are then forwarded to the business.

WebsiteAlive’s game-changing AliveSecure product is the first and only technology that allows companies to secure credit card payments through a website or mobile chat interface. Offered through a partnership with SiteLock and SecureBuy, the PCI Compliant solution is the only way to safely transmit sensitive data in a chat environment.