Konecta Optimizes Debt Collection Campaigns with Altitude Solutions

PRESS RELEASE: Altitude Software announces that Konecta Brazil, a leader in contact center outsourcing solutions, reports an excellent performance in debt collection campaigns using Altitude uCI solutions.

Since 1999, Konecta offers customized contact center and outsourcing solutions. A global provider with over 20,000 employees and 400 clients in 10 countries, Konecta is in Brazil since 2013, employing 2100 people to provide innovative solutions with cost effective price models.

Konecta has been using Altitude solutions since its setup in Brazil. It needed a powerful solution that would provide functionality from the IP switch to call recording, to a powerful dialer optimized for debt collection campaigns. After some research on solutions in use elsewhere in the company, Konecta Brazil chose the Altitude uCI customer interaction management suite – with all the necessary functionality to efficiently pursue debt collection.

Two million calls a day

“Altitude is a global partner of Konecta. We were aware of the positive results of the Altitude solution being used by Konecta in Spain and, after a detailed analysis, we decided to go with that solution” says Rogério Queiroz, Operations Manager Konecta Brazil. “Our goal was not only to adopt the Altitude dialer but also other modules that could help optimize our debt collection campaigns and help us achieve competitive advantages in the market”

In less than two months Altitude implemented the solution, fully automating the operations, helping to optimize the use of existing resources, and achieving higher business performance. Nowadays, about 300 agent positions make around 2 million calls a day, with great success rates and improved agent satisfaction. “Besides having greatly increased the number of outbound calls, we also managed to make the process much more intelligent, and our debt collection activity became much more efficient” remarked Mr. Queiroz

Strategy change in real-time in outbound campaigns

Lately Konecta started using the Altitude Strategy Center (ASC), a solution with state-of the-art features for the real-time strategic control of outbound campaigns, maximizing success rates and improving customer experience. Contact lists can be used in multiple campaigns and can be segmented using a multitude of parameters from each contact profile and history. This segmentation allows the contact center to prioritize the most relevant and most likely to succeed contacts for each specific campaign.

“Before ASC we couldn’t really change what we had planned for the day” states Ricardo Alexandrino IT Manager Konecta Brazil. “Nowadays we can monitor the operation, identify contact lists that are underperforming, segment, change priorities for the teams so keeping productivity high, etc.” Using ASC, dialing can be controlled and managed using KPI’s, priorities, filters, agent skills, etc. Real-time campaign performance monitoring allows for fast adjustment and enhancement of campaign strategy.

Solutions deliver a 98% accuracy rate

Konecta Brazil also highlights using the Altitude Call Classifier as another major benefit for the operation. It enables the Altitude vBox IP switch to become more powerful, increasing call volume by 30 to 40% without degrading operational quality. “By just using the Altitude vBox we had a 70% accuracy rate. By implementing the Call Classifier we raised the rate to 95%” states Mr. Queiroz. “By doing some “homework” measuring results and quality together with Telco providers, we were able to make some fine tuning with the Call Classifier and we managed to achieve rates of 97 to 98%, which are really great numbers”

In fact, in a short period of time Konecta Brazil was able to reduce costs and achieve high operational performance by optimizing its outbound campaigns and by profiting from the advanced dialing capabilities of the Altitude solution. Frederico Dias, Altitude President for Latin America stresses “The work with Konecta goes to show how our solutions do deliver high performance and efficiency by integrating automation and delivering intelligence to our customers ‘operations”.