NICE Workforce Management Reduces Costs and Increases Productivity for Oi Telecom Group

PRESS RELEASE: NICE Systems announced that Oi Telecom Group has achieved a significant cost reduction, higher productivity and increased agent occupancy with NICE Workforce Management (WFM) and consulting services.

A series of NICE WFM workshops on best practices was held in early January, 2015 at Brasil Telecom Call Center (BRTCC), the outsourcer that is part of the Oi Telecom Group. As a result, the BRTCC staff planning team was redesigned both in functionality and processes, leading to reductions of 23% in agent management staff and 2% in FTEs in contact center agents. These employees were then reassigned to other areas of the organization, improving the value of their contribution at different points of the customer relationship chain.

With 20,000 employees in five sites across Brazil, the Oi-BRTCC Call Center handles over 54 million calls per year. Among several awards, Oi-BRTCC has been recognized by ABT (Brazilian Teleservices Association) as 2014’s best provider of technical services to telecom customers in Brazil.

Oi Telecom Group, which has been using NICE WFM and recording solutions since 2005, wanted to increase call center occupancy, reduce the time spent on generating and reviewing scheduling plans, improve productivity and integrate to both SmartSync and Genesys. With the help of NICE’s consulting services, Oi attained these goals.

NICE WFM increases call center occupancy by optimizing forecasting and scheduling. For example, staff breaks and other off-phone activities are planned according to workload ebb and flow, taking into consideration multi-skilled agent availability. As for planners, the workshops led to a better understanding of various concepts, enabling them to expedite the entire planning process. In addition, policies were reviewed and improved to facilitate agent autonomy in defining their days off and scheduling trades and changes. This has resulted in increased employee satisfaction, adherence and productivity, since agents are now available when their skills are most required.

The NICE WFM workshops also involved restructuring agent management and implementing NICE WFM schedule patterns generation features, providing the planning team with flexible and optimized schedules to respond to dynamic forecasts, staff changes and new trends. Overtime and time-off can now be managed in coordination with NICE Agent WebStation, a single portal for all WFM and performance data.

Radakian Lino, Customer Relationship Intelligence Manager, Oi Telecom Group: “Large scale operations in the telecom customer services industry such as ours are typically impacted by economies of scale and complexities that only NICE can leverage with features such as skill routing simulation, multi-skill efficiencies, agent self-service including schedule trades and changes, and flexible and smart work rules definitions.”

Luiz Camargo, Managing Director, NICE Brazil: “NICE and Oi-BRTCC have a long term partnership and we are glad to see that our solutions keep bringing positive impacts to their operations. The flexibility of our applications provides the strong support they need to accommodate their ever changing business dynamics in which operational models continue to evolve.”