T-Mobile Improves Its Mobile and Web Customer Experience With ForeSee’s Advanced Voice of Customer Solution

PRESS RELEASE: ForeSee announced that T-Mobile USA relies on the ForeSee CX Suite to measure, share and take action on customer insights across its entire customer journey. With ForeSee, T-Mobile USA has a multichannel view of its customer experience across web, mobile, and telesales. Keeping pace with an evolving customer landscape, T-Mobile USA has quadrupled its subscriber base over the past 10 years.

As part of T-Mobile’s Center of Excellence initiative, the fast-growing wireless voice, messaging and data services company turned to ForeSee to create a multichannel view of its customer journey. ForeSee’s systematic approach to customer experience measurement gives T-Mobile executives the actionable data needed to make both strategic decisions and short-term enhancements that help them improve the customer experience and, in turn, meet their sales and customer acquisition goals.

“Buying wireless online can be complicated — especially on a mobile device — so we see some customers move from the online channel to telesales during the purchase process,” said Kerry Sikora, T-Mobile’s Senior Manager, Web Business Intelligence. “We needed to better understand why mobile users weren’t converting as quickly as those who shop via the web. We can’t measure our web, mobile and telesales traffic in silos, and with ForeSee we can see the whole customer landscape. We’re now equipped with one solution that helps us understand multichannel interdependencies and fix issues fast.”

“T-Mobile puts their customers at the heart of their business — their industry-first Un-carrier model is indicative of that,” said ForeSee CEO Pete Daffern. “Our VOC solution allows T-Mobile USA to know with certainty where investments and changes to improve CX will have the biggest impact — before they make them — and what the outcomes will be.”

T-Mobile leverages the following ForeSee solutions to give certainty to their CX improvements:

Executive Insights – ForeSee allows executives to slice and dice data, perform “what-if” analysis and analyze open-ended comments. Web and mobile access allows for continuous monitoring of customer experience data to stay on top of performance trends and easily share voice of customer insights throughout the organization.

Priority Mapping – provides a visual presentation of what elements matter most to the customer, helping the company make the right investments to improve customer satisfaction.

Real-Time Feedback – ForeSee Feedback provides category-transforming in-page analytics, and self-service survey creation and deployment tools to get real-time customer experience insights.

Visual Replay – ForeSee cxReplay provides a visual replay of a consumer’s web and mobile navigation, and accurately pinpoints where visitors are struggling to resolve issues that are negatively impacting the customer experience.