CafeX Announces Live Virtual Coaching Solution for Call Centres

CafeX Communications® announced the release of Supervisor Assist, a live coaching solution that enables contact center supervisors to listen to, observe and interact with agents in real-time during customer calls directly from any Web browser.

As call centers continue to grapple with high employee turnover and expensive training programs, Supervisor Assist provides a cost effective way to onboard new agents quickly and provide ongoing mentoring, even for teams distributed across locations. More than just a voice monitoring product, Supervisor Assist also allows coaches to see an agent’s desktop during a customer call. The coach can start a web chat with the agent, use a spotlight pointer to highlight important areas, and even take control temporarily to click on links, files or type in text on the agent’s computer.

Key Benefits and Features for Contact Centers

  • Support initial and ongoing real-time coaching requirements for co-located or geographically distributed teams as well as home-based agents;
  • Enable supervisors to listen to conversations between agents and customers from a Web browser or tablet application;
  • Optionally allow supervisors to view and remotely control an agent’s desktop, use a spotlight pointer to highlight details on the agent’s screen and interact via web chat;
  • Reduce agent attrition, improve productivity and help identify training and advancement opportunities;
    Improve customer satisfaction and maintain consistent service levels;
  • Protect enterprise IT investments and streamline administration through integration with leading contact center platforms.
    Supporting Quotes

Sheila McGee-Smith, principal at McGee-Smith Analytics “In an environment where technology and customer demands are constantly changing, the tools to support the supervision and management of agents have historically lagged. Web-based coaching solutions like CafeX’s Supervisor Assist—that enable real-time, multi-channel engagement between coaches and agents—help extend quality programs, allowing both agents and businesses to be more successful.”

Kris Hopkins, chief strategy officer, CafeX “CafeX is excited to launch Supervisor Assist, a product that builds on our award-winning Live Assist® solution to create highly interactive mentoring experiences for customer-facing staff. While customer calls are in progress, Supervisor Assist enables contact center operators to observe and guide agents remotely from any browser. CafeX’s live observation and assistance solution improves agent skillsets and performance while enhancing first call resolution and customer satisfaction metrics.”