Goldsmiths selects Vee24’s live video chat solution to offer online customers a superior shopping experience

PRESS RELEASE: Goldsmiths wanted its customers’ online experience to match the personal experience they would receive in one of its showrooms. The service started with text-based chat and then progressed into live video chat, allowing the Goldsmiths customer service team to talk directly to the customers from the website, build a strong rapport and serve the customer face to face.

“We saw immediately that the Vee24 solution was future proof and other providers were not able to offer the same high level of functionality for video chat and website co-browsing,” said Mark Buckingham, Head of eCommerce, Goldsmiths. “We wanted to offer our online visitors a ground-breaking customer experience via a state-of-the-art platform and Vee24’s co-browsing solution, combined with video chat, offers the immersive experience that meets the high standards we have set for customer experience,” added Ben Aelberry, Customer and Store Support Manager, Goldsmiths.

“We are delighted to see Goldsmiths’ customers embrace our live video chat solution,” commented Phil Adams, Client Success Director, Vee24. “Luxury goods are a significant purchase and it is great that Goldsmiths’ customers now have the option to weigh up different products and seek some advice prior to making an online purchase,” added Adams.

The solution, which took only two months to implement from start to go-live, has many benefits, including:

  • ROI has been very positive showing an increase in conversion rates and average order value from customers who have engaged with online support assistants
  • Customers are in complete control and can choose to interact in a number of ways – from standard text chat using a keyboard, through to one way video, where only the consultant can be seen, to two-way video where both parties can see each other
  • Staff find it very intuitive and easy to use
  • Reporting is easy to extract and digest

“We are seeing an increase in average order value and conversion rates being driven by customer interactions with our online customer service team via Vee24’s live video chat solution, and this is a great result for Goldsmiths,” concluded Mark Buckingham.