Sparkcentral Partners with Twitter to Unveil New Customer Service Products

PRESS RELEASE: Sparkcentral announced it is working closely with Twitter to develop technology solutions for advancing social customer service. This strategic alliance introduces the industry’s first customer engagement platform to seamlessly transition a public Tweet to a private Direct Message and collect Net Promoter and customer satisfaction scores within Twitter.

Brands that serve customers on Twitter can now easily survey the customers they interact with in a simple and structured way so they can improve the experience they provide. Sparkcentral customers Delta Air Lines, DigitalOcean, WestJet and Jack in the Box are among the first brands to use these new features to deliver unparalleled social customer care.

FeedbackCustomer service on social has grown exponentially over the last two years, with 80% of customer service conversations happening on Twitter. Capturing customer experience is one of the most critical metrics for any customer service channel as studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, corporate revenues and employee morale and performance. Users who reported their satisfaction with their interaction in the top 25% expressed a willingness to pay 53% higher than those in the bottom 75% of satisfaction. Solving a customer service problem on Twitter costs an average of $1, just a sixth of what it would cost to solve the same problem through a call center.

Available today, the latest Sparkcentral Customer Engagement Platform provides full support of Twitter customer service products. These features are integrated into conversation history, tasking and workflow, and a Customer Feedback Dashboard that displays unique and timely insights into a customer’s experience with a brand.

Customer Feedback

Customer service agents can now choose to ask customers to fill out an NPS survey or a customer satisfaction survey with one click.

Teams can analyze customer voice via the Customer Feedback Dashboard that shows NPS and CSAT scores along with historical trends for both. Viewable by agents, managers, and senior leadership, the report provides visibility and insights for improvements.

Direct Message

Many customer service teams understand how frustrating it is to have to ask consumers to follow them in order to send them a Direct Message, only to discover that the user doesn’t know how to do so. Direct Message with deep links allows businesses to send a simple prompt to initiate a Direct Message, bypassing multiple steps and letting agents resolve issues faster.

“Twitter’s initiative to enhance social customer care aligns with Sparkcentral’s mission to create open and real-time communication between consumers and brands,” said Davy Kestens, chief executive officer of Sparkcentral. “We built out functionality that enables our clients to easily collect and analyze customer feedback to better understand how their customers view and value their products and services. Ultimately, we want to make it easy for our clients (who believe customer service is a competitive differentiator) to use this data to enhance interactions and deliver on their brand promise.”

Customer-First Product Innovation (#CustomerFirst)

Sparkcentral is committed to bringing its customers product updates and feature enhancements that make their teams more effective and efficient. Among the first to work with Twitter on these new customer service features, Sparkcentral will keep its customers updated on this ongoing alliance, improve features and offer new tools that empower businesses to create even more remarkable customer experiences.