Swisscom Is Investing in the Future of Customer Experience Monitoring

PRESS RELEASE: Cyara announced that along with their expert partner, CX-Innovations, they are working with Swisscom, Switzerland’s largest telecommunications and information services company, on a project that invests in the future of customer experience by implementing proactive monitoring and significantly reducing the go-to-market time for existing and new services.

Swisscom provides a comprehensive range of fixed line, mobile, broadband, internet, and pay TV services. With 28 call centers and up to 4,400 agents, Swisscom delivers all kinds of services in four languages to their customers. Their contact center platform is easily one of the most complex in Europe.

Swisscom regards their Contact Center Environment as a ‘living’ system and recognizes the need to provide new and different services to Swisscom customers on a regular basis. With proactive monitoring, Swisscom will be able to identify issues before they become customer-facing and interrupt service or result in poor customer experiences.

In addition, rethinking the current Contact Center structure reduces costs and leads to more efficiency, which will make significant improvements to the “go-to-market-time” for existing and new service on Swisscom’s customer service platform.

Automated testing is helping Swisscom to achieve continuous delivery of world-class customer experience. “Since we are using Cyara our project times reduced, we save more than 20 to 30% of testing time,“ says Karl Gschwend Head of ICT and Contact Center, Swisscom.

Cyara enabled the solution together with their expert partner, CX-Innovations. “Our ambition is to collaborate with clients like Swisscom to ensure that they are able to always offer the best possible services for their customers, ”said Oliver Metzker, Managing Director, CX-INNOVATIONS Deutschland GmbH.

Cyara and CX-INNOVATIONS are currently working with other clients and are demonstrating their expertise in helping clients obtain high customer satisfaction and significant efficiency improvements.