United World Telecom Announces Launch of Attended Call Transfer Feature Designed for Today’s Global Businesses

PRESS RELEASE: United World Telecom is pleased to announce the launch of a powerful “Attended Call Transfer” feature to its already popular call forwarding service. The company has a strong track record of providing value added telecom services to clients ranging from small businesses to large multinational corporations since 1996 and is observing its 20th year in business this year.

UWT is proud to be the first call forwarding provider in the industry to launch an “Attended Call Transfer” option. This unique feature empowers customers ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations and call centers worldwide to access a whole range of new applications and possibilities. Advantages can be found whether customers have a sophisticated PBX or none at all.

Attended Call Transfer gives businesses the power to place an incoming call on hold, dial a pre-programmed digit sequence (programmable by the account owner) to reach a different department or call center located anywhere in the world, and transfer the call immediately or wait and brief the other department on the issue before transferring the call. While this feature is most useful for small businesses that do not have a PBX, large enterprises with sophisticated PBXs are showing interest in this feature for its ease of setup and its ability to utilize fewer PBX resources.

Attended Call Transfer helps businesses with the following common applications:

  • Allowing call centers to take calls from customers with a variety of issues and providing them with the ability to transfer customer calls to a different call center with a specific expertise.
  • Reaching out to a specialist for help during a live call with a customer, then returning to the customer.
  • Transferring customer calls to a second layer of sales group for upselling a different service or product.
  • Transferring customer calls to an automated or attended customer survey center.

“With a proven track record and experience of serving some of the largest multinational clients such as Citrix, Cisco, SanDisk, Novartis, AbbVie, Carlson Hotels Worldwide, and TeamViewer amongst many others, and with the addition of its newest service feature Attended Call Transfer, UWT has become the preferred choice of businesses that want to improve and expand their worldwide connectivity with toll free and worldwide local numbers” said Bulent Erkaya, Director of Marketing and Sales at United World Telecom.

In addition to “Attended Call Transfer”, UWT provides a host of advanced call forwarding features allowing multinational corporations to serve customers located in many countries around the world including Advanced IVR, Enterprise API, Call Recording, Customized Greeting, Voice Mail to Email, Fax to Email, Advanced Call Routing, Failover Routing, White and Black Lists and Custom Ring-Back Tones.