Macfarlane delivers multi-channel Conversation Management for Microsoft Dynamics users

PRESS RELEASE: Macfarlane announces Contact+ Dynamics, an extensive new set of contact centre capabilities enabled by the integration of the Macfarlane Contact+ contact centre platform and the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (MS Dynamics CRM) platform.

Contact+ Dynamics is designed to boost the value that organisations get from their investment in MS Dynamics CRM by delivering faster, more relevant customer service responses, improved customer experiences, increased contact centre agent productivity and lower operational costs.

Features enabled by Contact+ Dynamics include:

• The intelligent queuing and routing to agents of inbound customer interactions, regardless of the media channel used. Customers can be instantly recognised and assessed according to their service status, credit status etc. They can then be queued with relevant queue messages (for telephone callers) and business rules (priority, overflow etc.) before being routed to an appropriate live agent
• The ‘screen popping’ of relevant customer data on agents’ screens as interactions of all media are delivered to their desktops. If multiple customer matches are made, these can be displayed for agents to choose from
• Intelligent email, SMS, web or phone self-service, enabling customers to be recognised and their issue managed without requiring an agent
• The automatic creation of CRM records with data relating to the interaction. Date, time, agent, source and destination addresses, subject matter text and links to call and screen recordings can be written to the CRM system. This allows reporting across Contact Centre and MS Dynamics systems to track and analyse the progression of an issue, and also the ability to play back the call and screen recordings from the CRM system
• Click-to-dial, enabling users to click on a phone number within a MS Dynamics screen to dial a number
• The screen popping of relevant customer information on the desktops of back office agents (e.g. credit controllers) as calls are transferred to them from front office agents
• Advanced reporting capabilities in conjunction with Contact+ Conversation Management features (see below) enabling customer conversations to be tracked across all media channels

In addition, automated (preview and progressive) dialing functions will be added to Contact+ Dynamics in 2016.

“Switching your contact centre operation to our Contact+ platform is very straightforward” explains William Gray, CEO of Macfarlane. “It is easy for supervisors to set up and provides functionality straight out-of-the-box. There is no need for specialised flow tools and no bespoke work required.”

Contact+ Dynamics is available today as an integrated module within the Contact+ product suite from Macfarlane or from an authorised Macfarlane reseller. Contact+ is available as an on-premise solution or as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ cloud service.

What is Conversation Management?

Conversation Management is about managing customer relationships by focusing on the complete customer conversation rather than individual interactions or dialogues. Those conversations can be over any period of time, comprise any number of interactions, occur over a single or multiple channels (e.g. voice, email, SMS, web chat, web form, social media), and involve any number of participants.

Conversation Management technology treats each customer issue or query as a continuous conversation. It:

• Uses conversation case history to route contacts more intelligently (e.g. by attempting to use the same customer service agent for the whole conversation, rather than a different agent for each individual interaction)
• Empowers agents to provide quick relevant responses by displaying a full history of customer interactions across all channels in a unified conversation thread on their screen
• Analyses and reports on customer experiences and journeys across all media channels
• Promotes continuity for customers who can talk to or message the same agent and no longer have to repeat themselves each time
• Provides clarity for customers and agents by allowing agents to read back text and play back previous recordings from the agent desktop

Conversation Management is an inherent feature of the Macfarlane Contact+ contact centre platform.