SoftBank Deploys Large-Scale WebRTC-Based Conferencing Application Enabled by Dialogic

PRESS RELEASE: Dialogic announced that SoftBank Corp. has selected Dialogic® PowerMedia™ XMS software media server as a core network element of their new multimedia web conferencing solution, supporting SoftBank’s enterprise collaboration needs for video conferencing and chat room capabilities. The WebRTC-based web conferencing application will replace aging legacy video equipment and services for employees across their various divisions and brands.

“As SoftBank holds regular sales and training conferences with many of our 17,000 employees in Japan, our need for conferencing and collaboration is critical to our business,” said Yosuke Ochiai, Manager of Multimedia Development at SoftBank’s Information System Division. “We found Dialogic PowerMedia XMS to be an excellent fit for our conferencing infrastructure upgrade as its performance, scaling, and reliability meets our needs. Additionally, Dialogic PowerMedia XMS delivers HD voice and video codecs with additional features like automated speech recognition (ASR) and text to speech (TTS) to support future capabilities we have planned, along with facial recognition and other advanced intelligent features.” SoftBank has currently rolled out this solution to internal stakeholders with plans to make this commercially available in the near future.

“SoftBank’s needs for collaboration creates unique requirements for scaling and reliability,” said Jim Machi, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at Dialogic. To support such scaling requirements, SoftBank is utilizing Dialogic’s patent pending ‘dynamic video encoder sharing’ technology to reduce compute resources by 30-50% thus reaching far beyond typical conference densities. We are especially pleased that Dialogic PowerMedia XMS is a part of the SoftBank conferencing solution, helping to reduce operational and travel costs related to conferencing.”

Dialogic PowerMedia XMS is a highly scalable, software-only media server that enables standards-based, real-time multimedia communications solutions for IMS, MRF, enterprise, and WebRTC applications on premise or in the cloud. Built on 15+ years of software media processing experience, PowerMedia XMS is trusted by world-class service providers and large enterprises to power millions of rich media sessions.