Sparkcentral Launches the New Standard in Reporting for Social Customer Service

PRESS RELEASE: Sparkcentral launched their newest version of the Sparkcentral Customer Engagement Platform. As customer care on social channels grows and matures, the need for advanced customer and agent insights prompted the leading social customer engagement solution to build powerful reporting and analytics functionality. Using the new Sparkcentral platform, contact center managers and executives can get powerful insights in real-time, enabling brands to keep a pulse on team performance metrics, adapt to customer demand, optimize staffing, and gain context around incoming conversations.

“Managing social customer service takes keen, tactical awareness and the ability to proactively act and react to developing situations,” said Davy Kestens, chief executive officer at Sparkcentral. “To do this, managers need to be able to easily view metrics and KPIs that help reduce handle times, increase team productivity, and meet service level agreements. Our continual investments in reporting and analytics functionality enables our customers to use data to improve overall team performance, reduce channel deflection, focus training efforts, identify process improvement opportunities, and foster employee development.”

The newest version of the Sparkcentral Customer Engagement Platform includes the following:

Real-time Metrics Dashboard – contact center managers and executives can monitor queue, agent, and other key performance metrics such as how teams handle incoming volume. By having this information in real-time, teams can address challenges before they escalate all while keeping customers satisfied.

Agent Response Quality Report – a performance management report aimed at helping managers and agents understand their team’s impact on the customer experience. Ongoing monitoring of agent and team performance is essential in delivering a wealth of customer information, gauging individual agent performance and revealing the effectiveness of business processes and policies.

Agent Performance Metrics Report – a performance measurement report that lets managers review individual agent productivity and efficiency. This report enables managers to review performance across agents and channels, and to forecast performance benchmarks.

“Sparkcentral’s reporting functionality and Real-Time Metrics Dashboard have given us an intuitive and simple way to keep a pulse on our social media engagement,” said Laurie Meacham, manager of Customer Commitment at JetBlue Airways. “With the dashboard we were easily able to track our customers’ sentiment and better assess the needs of our team during the recent winter storm that affected travel along the eastern seaboard. This, coupled with Sparkcentral’s powerful workflow and routing functionality, makes for a seamless process as we take care of our customers when it matters most.”

Customer-First Product Innovation (#CustomerFirst)

Sparkcentral, working closely with Twitter, also announced today it has developed customer service products that enable brands to easily survey the customers they interact with in a simple and structured way. Capturing customer feedback is one of the most critical metrics for any customer service channel. Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, corporate revenues and employee morale and performance.

Customer Feedback collected on Twitter is surfaced in a Customer Feedback Report that shows NPS and CSAT scores along with historical trends for both. The dashboard is viewable by agents, managers, and senior leadership making it a key tool in driving visibility and improvements. NPS and CSAT data can help teams understand how their customers view and value their products and services by uncovering the reasons behind the feedback scores. Ultimately, this data can help enhance interactions and create benchmarks for improvement.