IR expands geographic availability for customer experience management testing solutions

PRESS RELEASE: IR announced the release of its next generation Testing Solutions architecture. The new architecture provides the ability for IR to generate outside-in test call traffic directly from within a customer’s local country, enabling test call generation and delivery from more global locations and telecom carriers, and expanding the solution’s global footprint.

Contact Centre CLUB

This new cloud-first architecture enables IR to test internal and external networks by originating calls from either inside or outside a customer’s environment, for both their StressTest™ load testing and HeartBeat™ experience testing services. All managed from the cloud.

“Global businesses need continuous high quality communications and collaboration that they can count on every hour of every day,” said Darc Rasmussen, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, IR. “A poor customer experience caused by a variety of issues such as carrier services, IVR systems, call routing, and more can make the difference between a repeat sale or a lost customer. Finding these issues quickly across a complex, multi-vendor communications system makes this even more challenging.

IR has also released new integration with IR Prognosis, its industry leading performance management software for unified communications and contact centers. This integration enables a more streamlined experience, correlating real-time test results with call quality and application performance.

“IR is now able to provide a complete end-to-end testing, monitoring, and management solution on a global scale, ensuring a frictionless customer experience every time, regardless of the underlying technology”, added Rasmussen.