Telax Launches A-Team Services to Deliver Strong Contact Center Results

PRESS RELEASE: Telax is excited to announce a new product offering: the A-Team. Today’s contact center can be the revenue generating hub for any organization by improving operational efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction, and amplifying customer loyalty. But reaching that point requires a huge layer of experience and expertise that most organizations don’t have, and that is precisely what the A-Team has to offer.

The Telax A-Team helps bridge the gap between contact center technology and actual service delivery. Their goal is simple: Help businesses build effective customer relationships and generate the most value possible from their contact centers.

“At Telax, we don’t just deliver a best-in-class software — we deliver results,” said Koray Parmaks, CEO, Telax. “As a business, you want to provide great customer experience and create an army of loyalists. We work with you hand-in-hand to make that happen.”

As seasoned experts, the A-Team helps organizations identify and understand the goal of their contact center and works to achieve that goal over the long (and short) term. Consisting of a Relationship Manger, Solutions Guide, and Tech Lead, the Telax A-Team will help identify new operational efficiencies to enhance overall customer experience and improve profitability. They can even help create brand new features and functionality that are specific to individual needs — going well beyond your typical platform customization.

Together, these experts will help customer-centric organizations identify and take advantage of new revenue opportunities. They do this while working to improve customer loyalty, which in turn can lead to the creation of brand advocates and increased lifetime revenue. Best of all, starting today, the A-Team is available to most businesses and Telax clients at no additional cost.

“We wanted to make sure that our clients were getting the maximum value from their contact center technology and operations. Offering the A-Team’s services free of charge to qualified clients is a great way of doing just that,” said Susan Jugovic, Director, Service Delivery, Telax.

For any customer-centric organization eager to work closely with an elite and dedicated group of experts to develop an optimized and revenue-generating contact center, Telax’s A-Team is the ideal choice.