Xura Elements: Creating Rewarding Customer Engagement Experiences Through Real-Time Communication

PRESS RELEASE: Xura has launched Xura Elements, making it easy for enterprises to customize the way they communicate with customers using web tools and native mobile apps. Xura Elements fuzes simplicity, mobility and the social aspects of real-time communications with business process optimization, creating new customer engagement experiences with easy to add click-to-call and click-to-communicate options, while reducing contact center costs.

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Built on Xura’s WebRTC technology via the forge SDK, Xura Elements completely transforms the user experience, providing immersive, engaging, and intuitive customer dialogue with the human touch. The SDK infrastructure means that all media is encrypted end-to-end, while also providing today’s latest authentication methods, ensuring that personal data is always private and secure.

“The overall goal of Xura Elements is to make it easy for companies to integrate touch of the button communications into apps while ensuring compliant outreach to customers, improving customer representatives and agent’s productivity and streamlining overall operations.” said JF Sullivan, CMO and EVP Enterprise, Xura. “By integrating Xura Elements, companies have complete flexibility to tailor their solution for their customers’ and processes’ needs within their contact centers. For example, look and feel can be customized, “wait time” animations or product marketing videos can be played, and call routing options can be refined for business needs – so giving customers priority status or routing calls to agents based on availability and specialization – as well as easy and seamless integration to existing call center systems.”

The rich capabilities and features that Xura Elements can add to web or native mobile applications include:

Multi-Party Conferencing: Providing an enhanced set of collaboration tools, Xura’s Elements solution can help optimize customer engagement with a conferencing architecture designed to receive multiple media streams and intelligently determine which of these streams should be sent to which participant. The result: an optimal and bandwidth efficient customer experience.

User Identity and Authentication: Providing an array of options to support and protect user identity authentication and validation requirements (including facial recognition), Xura Elements enables applications to use opaque identities so that users cannot be identified by third-parties from the Xura cloud logs. As an added layer of security the user database is always held externally to the Xura platform.

Recording: Audio and video streams for each participant in a call can be recorded separately and merged if needed so that companies have complete flexibility to define the layout/structure of the merged recordings.
Secure Storage: Leveraging the Xura Cloud, Elements can store recordings or they can be stored on premise (at the site of your choice). This gives companies greater flexibility in terms of the cost, location and security.