Coveo Named to the Prestigious 2016 CRM Watchlist

PRESS RELEASE: For the fifth consecutive year, Coveo, a recognized leader in intelligent search, has been named to the 2016 CRM Watchlist, a prestigious list of prominent companies developed by customer strategy consultant and CRM author Paul Greenberg. More than 130 companies entered the 2016 award program, and Coveo was named a winner among several other leading technology providers for the significant impact it is having on the CRM marketplace.

According to Greenberg, “Each and every company was evaluated according to the markets they are in, the overall business climate, the strategies and thinking of the customer-facing parts of the business world and the technology world’s rather unique lens.” He notes that 2016 was the toughest year ever to win.

“Being named to the CRM Watchlist is a prestigious honor, and we’re proud to have been consistently recognized on this distinguished list each year since 2012,” says Diane Berry, SVP, Market Strategy at Coveo. “Our mission is to deliver the best information for every customer and every employee, every time, everywhere they work and interact – regardless of where the information exists. Our breakthrough Coveo Reveal search service, which uses contextual analytics and machine learning to always suggest the most relevant, personalized information from everywhere – helps create next-generation CRM. We congratulate all the winners of the CRM Watchlist for 2016.”

Now in its eighth year, the CRM Watchlist looks at the impact a company has in the markets it addresses – with an eye on the company itself not its offering. According to Greenberg, “The impact has to be obvious, both in the prior year and in the anticipated next two or three years, that there is no doubt at all that [a] company is making a major impression on a market and actually changing or strengthening that market by its presence.”

Paul Greenberg is Managing Principal of the consulting firm, The 56 Group, and the author of the best-selling book: CRM at the Speed of Light: Social CRM Strategies, Tools, and Techniques for Engaging Your Customers. He has been called “the godfather of CRM,” the “Walt Whitman of CRM” and even “the Bob Dylan of CRM” by analysts and organizations throughout the industry. His new book, The Commonwealth of Self-Interest, will be published this year by Harvard Business Press.