Zappix Announces Full Suite of Visual IVR Clients

zappizPRESS RELEASE: Zappix, the innovative Smartphone Visual IVR provider, announced that its Visual IVR software suite platform has expanded and now supports Apple Watch clients. This is in addition to the previously supported native Android and iPhone , and web-based HTML 5 Smartphone IVR apps capabilities.

With today’s contact center interactions requiring the utilization of every available channel, Zappix Visual IVR meets the challenge. The system delivers multi-channel capabilities on the customer accessibility side via voice and data self-service channels. At the same time, on the client side, it provides access from smartphone natives apps, HTML 5 apps and now the Apple Watch.

Compatible with leading contact center platforms, the Zappix solution lets companies easily expand by providing robust support across any web, Android, iPhone or Apple Watch Visual IVR client accessibility channel., ״Customer service trends show that consumers, now more than ever, value their time,” said Zappix Chairman, Avner Schneur. “Consequently, one of the most important things that a contact center can provide is the time-saving convenience of multi-channel accessibility, which provides better, more efficient ways to engage with customer service while significantly benefitting the client side as well. “ We built our Visual IVR platform to provide a real omnichannel customer experience on the server side and the client side with multiple communications paths. Our new Apple Watch client demonstrates a strong commitment to customer choice on the part of Zappix. We are making it easier than ever for consumers to select their preferred means of communication when reaching customer service. This applies across the board to live voice, non-voice, live and self-service channels, resulting in a win-win, that improves customer satisfaction and increases a company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS).”

Through this powerful and flexible multiple channel system, organizations can respond quickly to changes in their business by deploying simultaneously on all platforms in near real time. During and following deployment, Zappix Big Data Analytics continually collects, analyzes and presents helpful data from all channels and platforms. And now with our Apple Watch IVR support, customers can access customer service from their wrist.

Easy-to-use, the Zappix Smartphone Visual-IVR Solution, with its omni-channel user experience, places capability and convenience at the customer’s fingertips. The integration of voice and non-voice visual content is applied to customer service channels that include phone (voice ), the web, live chat, mobile online forms, and multi-media (audio or video) self-help resources. The ability to rapidly explore different contact center customer service communication channels visually and retrieve answers immediately, dramatically enhances the user experience. In addition to improving customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores (NPS), the Zappix solution has been able to consistently reduce direct and indirect call center costs.

Companies using this platform can realize significant reductions in app development costs while giving service-seeking customers exactly what they want and need– better agent interactions driven by automation, self-service, around-the-clock accessibility and enhanced mobile/web convenience.