InfinityCTI Receives LumenVox Partner Skills Certification

PRESS RELEASE: LumenVox announced that InfinityCTI received LumenVox Partner Skills Certification. LumenVox Skills Certification demonstrates InfinityCTI’s capability to deliver high quality speech solutions based on the LumenVox speech automation suite. InfinityCTI supports speech-enabled applications on the Avaya Aura® Experience Portal and utilizes the LumenVox Speech Recognizer (ASR) and Text-To-Speech Server (TTS) to provide a carrier-grade, scalable self-service environment within the Call Center.

“InfinityCTI has been a long standing LumenVox Partner and we are pleased to continue supporting them for both their hosted and premise based speech-enabled solutions,” said LumenVox CEO Ed Miller. “InfinityCTI has continued to grow their expertise to deliver a solid win for the customer.”

InfinityCTI utilizes the LumenVox speech automation suite to provide an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to automate membership renewal, card replacement and credit card payment services over the phone for AAA Arizona. The InfinityCTI speech-enabled application increased the call completion rate and reduced the call load in the live AAA Arizona Call Center. The enhanced tuning services provided by InfinityCTI with the LumenVox Speech Application Tuner have helped improve customer satisfaction with the call center and have helped InfinityCTI maintain AAA Arizona as a client.

“We were impressed with the realistic and natural sounding speech provided by the LumenVox TTS,” said InfinityCTI CEO Frank Guthrie. “Coupled with the carrier-grade, scalable and highly reliable LumenVox architecture, it was an easy decision to go with LumenVox.”