8×8 Awarded Four New Communications Patents

8×8 announced that it has been awarded four new patents related to its communications technologies that help customers seamlessly connect, communicate, and collaborate globally.

The four 8×8 patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) are:

United States Patent number 9,247,389 entitled “Systems, Methods, Devices and Arrangements for Emergency Call Services” was awarded on January 26, 2016. It is a continuation of U.S. patent number 8,879,540 which was awarded to the company on November 4, 2014.

United States Patent number 9,294,625 entitled “Limiting Contact in a Networked Contact Center Environment” was awarded on March 22, 2016 and is a continuation of patent number 8,855,291 which discusses, among other things, limiting contact to a networked contact center that is a host to multiple tenants.

United States Patent number 9,294,433 entitled “Multiple-Master DNS System” was awarded on March 22, 2016.

United States Patent number 9,300,679 entitled “System and Method for Monitoring Computing Servers for Possible Unauthorized Access” was awarded on March 29, 2016.

The patent related to emergency call services helps operators locate a caller, even if they’re using an IP communications device. In the past, tracking the location of a caller could only be done quickly and accurately through landline and some cellular connections, but with 70 percent of emergency calls now being made from alternative endpoint devices, 8×8 continues to drive new innovation in this important area.

The technology in patent number 9,294,625 helps contact centers automatically accept or reject communications based on contact rate value, meaning less hold time for customers to reach a representative.

The third patent (#9,294,433) provides a system and methodology for a Domain Name System (DNS) that is resistant to losses of network connections, removing the need to have multiple master servers in case of a connection failure.

Finally, U.S. patent #9,300,679 details a new technology to monitor data transactions of computing servers by determining a threat level based on the characteristics of the data transactions and the conditions of a security policy.

Since its establishment, 8×8 has been awarded 118 United States patents covering a variety of voice and video communications, signaling, processing and storage technologies.