Asurion Enhances Customer Service with NICE Real-Time Solutions

PRESS RELEASE: NICE Systems announced that Asurion, the connected life services company, has successfully deployed NICE Real-Time solutions across multiple lines of business.

Among the impressive results Asurion achieved since implementing NICE’s solutions are:

  • 25% increase in upsell offer rates
  • 80% more sales by agents using the real-time guidance pop-ups than those who don’t
  • Improved Associate performance, proficiency and satisfaction through real time guidance and automation utilization
  • Reduction of one-half full-time equivalent (FTE) in agent benefit management
  • Stronger customer relationships due to improved reporting on consumer concerns

Asurion uses NICE Real-Time suite of solutions for:

NICE Real-Time Process Optimization — presents agents with a guidance pop-up during technical calls, showing the customer’s current coverage and an offer to increase to a higher level of service; and reduces average handle time (AHT) by consolidating complex document filing and issuing into a one-click process

NICE Real-Time Activity Monitoring — identifies when a desktop process starts and ends, and monitors activities in between to uncover process bottlenecks and agents’ counterproductive habits

Asurion has been working with NICE for over three years. The company is also using NICE IEX Workforce Management and Performance Management platforms.

Aaron Feinberg, Senior Director of Customer Solutions, Asurion: “Reducing the amount of time we spend on calls ultimately means better customer service. NICE has been a strong partner with us for a number of years, and the open lines of communication between NICE and our dedicated internal group mean that we have the focus, expertise, and ability to be agile.”

Miki Migdal, President, NICE Enterprise Product Group: “By improving the efficiency of their contact centers and promoting revenue-generating opportunities, NICE’s Real-Time Impact solutions have reduced expenses, helping to increase Asurion’s bottom line. We are pleased that they are benefitting from our ground-breaking solutions and that our solutions are enabling them to deliver excellent customer service.”