Momentum Continues Around Verint Workforce Management

PRESS RELEASE: Verint® Systems announced ongoing momentum around its Enterprise Workforce Management™ solutions, an integral part of the company’s Workforce Optimization™ (WFO) suite and broader Customer Engagement Optimization™ portfolio. As worldwide organizations continue to make forecasting and scheduling, as well as strategic planning, top priorities, Verint solutions are well positioned to advance their workforce management goals.

Verint a Top Three Provider with Strong Customer Satisfaction Ratings

As noted in the new 2016 Workforce Management Product and Market Report from DMG Consulting LLC, Verint earned perfect scores for customer satisfaction ratings in long-term planning capabilities and budgeting/cost management capabilities. Additionally, the company continues to be a leader in WFM seat growth among the top three vendors.

Donna Fluss, president of DMG Consulting, notes that “WFM solutions remain the most important productivity tools in contact centers. Increasingly, they are also being used to improve staff engagement and to enhance the customer experience.”

WFM Cited as Top Priority in 2016 in Recent Study

Reinforcing the expected growth for WFM technologies are the results from a recent annual survey conducted by analyst firm Saddletree Research. In the firm’s study of customer service professional across the U.S., respondents cited customer engagement optimization as their number one priority. Survey results also showed that “establishing new/upgrading older technology stacks” would be a top priority in 2016, with WFM-at approximately 20 percent-and performance management named as the top two solution types.

Saddletree Research will explore this topic further in the April 21, 2016 webcast titled “Ask the Experts: Enterprise Workforce Management.” This Q&A forum session co-hosted by Verint will explore market trends, best practices and tips, and ways to break down silos across contact center and back-office operations.

Continuing the Acceleration of WFM Inside—and Outside—the Contact Center

With Verint Enterprise Workforce Management, organizations are able to meet their service-level goals efficiently across inbound and outbound phone, email, chat and social media channels. When paired with employee performance management and engagement capabilities, they can benefit from complementary functionality-such as coaching and gamification-to gain even greater insight into how employees are performing, how well goals are being met and how to better engage and take action on these insights.

As a first-mover in the market in bringing WFM to areas outside the contact center—and understanding the intricate differences and requirements for back-office and branch operations—Verint has been a leader in helping organizations benefit from WFM implementations across the enterprise.

“Enterprise dynamics are changing as executives search for ways to improve the customer journey,” adds Fluss. “Front- and back-office operating departments are starting to come together, or at least do a better job of supporting each other, which is creating the need for enterprise WFM. Additionally, the desire to better utilize the large number of back-office workers is driving interest in applying WFM to these operating departments.”

Ongoing WFM Momentum

Organizations around the world continue to select Verint Enterprise Workforce Management to optimize performance throughout their employee population. Many are the direct result of companies extending their existing investment in Verint Workforce Optimization software to now include forecasting and scheduling. Others involve competitive replacements in which Verint solutions have taken the place of legacy offerings in industries that include financial services, travel, health services, insurance and communications.

On the high end, one BPO extended its Verint Enterprise Workforce Management investment late last year and is currently implementing tens of thousands of seats of the technology across its contact center operations. There, the BPO will leverage WFM in tandem with other Verint solutions, including call recording, quality management, and desktop and process analytics. Driving its decision was prior success using Verint solutions and the desire to further advance productivity, standardize processes across its business units and regions, enhance efficiency and migrate to the cloud.