Powerful New ‘App’ For Creating Powerful Multi-channel Online Customer Service Tools

Synthetix APIs are infusing the world of online customer service delivery. The new set of Synthetix APIs (SYNAPPS) allow businesses looking to enhance their online customer service delivery, a competitive dynamic to create powerful, comprehensive online customer service tools and to simplify incredibly difficult or time-consuming tasks into much easier processes, saving them both time and money.

API technology, born of the web and accelerated by mobile, is now a driving force behind the software that make our lives so much easier in our ever expanding online, multi-channel, always on, world.

As part of the SYNAPPS developer community, developers can quickly and effectively develop applications suited to their specific requirements, opening up new opportunities for businesses to expand their online customer service technology strategy and generate more revenue through this new digital intelligence. Operational metrics and analytics within SYNAPPS will deliver insights into how these applications are performing.

Peter McKean, Managing Director at Synthetix said, “We’ve been at the cutting edge of SaaS online customer service since 2001. Today, we’re taking online customer service to the next level with the launch of our developer programme, which lets developers build incredibly powerful native applications and integrations using the Synthetix SYNAPPS API platform. We’re incredibly excited to see the kind of Customer Experience tools customers and partners can build… the sky’s the limit!”

Visit http://www.synthetix.com/developer to test drive the app today.