Synthetix Announces Full Support for New Facebook and Microsoft Chatbots

Synthetix welcomes the announcement by Mark Zuckerberg at the F8 conference in San Francisco regarding Facebook’s Messenger app allowing users to converse with businesses and brands through chatbots. With Omni-channel the buzzword within the customer service industry, Synthetix is delighted about the integration of chatbots into such a powerful social platform as a new way to communicate service to customers.

Microsoft too announced their offering of chatbot framework to build and connect intelligent bots to interact with users using NLP (natural language programming) from text/sms to Skype, Slack, Office 365 mail and other popular services.
However, to truly create seamless interaction or omni-channel like customer experiences, Synthetix believe for chatbots to offer a powerful new method to communicate with services rather than having to pick up the phone, integration with knowledge is key.

A leading player within the online customer service SaaS arena, Synthetix has been building chatbots since 2001. Always looking to take online customer service to the next level, it’s no coincidence that their latest API tools (SYNAPPS) support both Microsoft and Facebook’s bot frameworks, which will open up new opportunities for businesses to expand their online customer service technology strategy and generate more revenue through this new digital intelligence.

Operational metrics and analytics within SYNAPPS will deliver insights into how the chatbot applications are performing.