Vizolution launches new video and telephony solution

PRESS RELEASE: Vizolution has launched a new video and telephony solution called vVid that is fully integrated with its screen sharing solution, vScreen. The combined solution allows a customer to both see and speak with a remote agent who can display key information, explain complex information using images and even share documents.

The combined product is particularly focused on high touch customer advice processes in sectors such as mortgages, investments, pensions, energy and telco.

There has been great interest in finding a way of allowing customers in-branch or stores to be served by telephony agents remotely. This use of video makes the advice and support process easy and convenient. vVid allows customers to experience a face-to-face interview via remote technology at their convenience, and in a completely secure environment.

Vizolution CEO Bill Safran said, “One of the overarching goals for businesses today is to find a way to more fully engage with their customers in a way that duplicates the quality of a face to face meeting. The addition of vVid video to the market leading vScreen screen sharing solution allows telephony agents to enhance the customer experience by allowing both parties to see each other while engaged in a customer journey. This provides all of the benefits of a face to face meeting with the speed, convenience and cost of telephony.”