Nu Echo announces the launch of its new NuBot Partner Program

PRESS RELEASE: Nu Echo, leading solutions provider and professional services organization specializing in enterprise level contact centers, today announced the launch of the new NuBot Partner Program. Targeting international contact center consultants, with the goal of ensuring the quality of new systems deployment, Nu Echo and its partners are helping to validate the performance of today’s complex contact center systems (including but not limited to the performance testing of service providers, hardware, software, call flows, etc.).

There are issues in 100% of new contact center and telephony infrastructure deployments. The real questions is whether enterprises are aware of those issues prior to deployment…If not, the client is sure to experience them which ultimately affects satisfaction, operations and revenues. For companies who have invested in modern solutions, why risk a failed deployment? There are options for performance testing which encourage the seamless launch of new systems. Nu Echo is aligning themselves with international contact center consulting firms in an effort to promote performance testing for contact centers and telephony infrastructure as a best practice.

Nu Echo’s performance testing practice is branded under the name NuBot. Enterprise level clients, such as Bell, Videotron, CN, Bombardier and IBM have chosen to work with Nu Echo and the NuBot performance testing practice, consisting of:

  • Our innovative performance testing NuBot Platform
  • An expert professional service team providing prepackaged service offerings (ex. NuBot Fast-Track, NuBot DIY minutes,
  • NuBot Support Banks and NuBot Starter Package)
  • A proven approach and methodology

The typical issues found in contact center testing projects include:

  • Poor voice quality, dropped calls, system latency, dead air, unanswered calls, DTMF encoding issues, lag/jitter, capacity problems, security issues, misconfigured or faulty hardware, other…
  • Whether you are a consultant or an enterprise, why take the risk, by planning to test you can avoid big headaches and additional costs.

The NuBot Partner Program itself is simple and provides partners clear benefits. The key product that is being promoted through the partnership is the NuBot Fast-Track. It is a turnkey testing solution that Nu Echo manages from A to Z. With the experience and expertise, Nu Echo guides partners and clients alike through the testing process ensuring peace of mind. Clients will be guaranteed the performance of the elements of the contact centers that have been tested. Other benefits of the program set out to entice new partnerships include the free creation of content, social media and email exposure, advertising, trade show coop, documentation and collateral as well as complimentary training and sales based incentives.

“We are dedicated to our consulting partners. This partnership program offers the opportunity to ensure the quality and performance of the contact centers and telephony infrastructure consultants deploy. Nu Echo focuses on everything testing so that our partners have one less thing to worry about.” states Daniel Paradis, VP Business Development, Nu Echo Inc. “We have worked hard to ensure this new Partnership Program provides tangible benefits to our partners as they help us promote our NuBot performance testing practice.”