Voxbone Delivers Hot Service to Online Takeout Company foodpanda

PRESS RELEASE: Food delivery service, foodpanda, has customers in 24 countries asking, “What’s for dinner?” With such a geographically diverse user base, and plenty of growth in sight, foodpanda is ordering in from Voxbone for its local direct inward dialing (DID) numbers. By leveraging Voxbone’s DIDs in its contact center network, foodpanda now has a menu of over 55 countries and 8,000 cities to choose from.

foodpanda’s online and mobile service streamlines food delivery, partnering with more than 40,000 restaurants worldwide to offer customers an easy way to order take-out. If anyone has a question or needs support using the service, they’re just a phone call away from peace of mind. foodpanda’s contact centers use Voxbone DID numbers, which are transported over a privately maintained network to ensure call quality. This way customers can rest assured that their order of ‘grilled Mahi’ doesn’t arrive as ‘chilled sake’.

“The momentum we’ve seen since our inception in 2012 has been staggering. While the growth is certainly exciting, it has come hand in hand with some challenges, especially in regards to how we look at telecoms,” said foodpanda Global Head of Customer Care, Niels Brants. “Choosing Voxbone gives us the benefit of a worldwide foundation for our contact centers.”

Voxbone’s services allow any enterprise, regardless of sector, to benefit from the latest VoIP technologies. As Voxbone is a compliant telecom provider in the countries where it operates, its customers do not need to rely on multiple regional carriers. The reduced administrative and overhead costs mean companies like foodpanda can serve up the highest quality product at the lowest price.

“At Voxbone, we’ve been helping many e-commerce companies ‘localize’ their services, enabling them to reach new cities instantly without ever building local telephony infrastructure,” said Voxbone CEO Itay Rosenfeld. “We’re especially delighted to work with foodpanda, and hope we will help them deliver delicious meals on time to an ever growing base of hungry customers.”