Midway University Replaces Legacy System with RingCentral Cloud Solution for Anytime, Anywhere Communications and Collaboration

PRESS RELEASE: RingCentral announced that Midway University has selected RingCentral to provide seamless communication between faculty, staff members, and students who learn online from remote locations. The cloud-based solution, RingCentral Office®, is a complete replacement of Midway’s existing legacy on-premise system, empowering faculty to hold virtual office hours, conduct online sessions, video conferencing, and interact with students from any location at any time from their mobile devices and laptops.

“RingCentral has fundamentally transformed how we communicate across our university,” said Travis Broome, ERP Administrator and Help Desk Manager at Midway University. “Our legacy system did not support our mobility and communication needs beyond voice. Now we have anytime, anywhere communication, messaging, and collaboration capabilities across our entire faculty, staff and student body. It’s a remarkable improvement, both in terms of technology and our ability to provide an exceptional education for our students, many of whom are remote. Two key components of our current strategic plan called for us to strengthen technological resources and enhance support services. This is a significant accomplishment toward both of those goals.”

Faculty and staff can now easily communicate with students using their personal mobile devices without disclosing their private phone number. Additionally, they can interact by voice, text, or video from any location. Every faculty member also has their own conference bridge so they can flexibly conduct sessions at their convenience.

“Midway University is a great example of how RingCentral helps academic institutions achieve seamless mobile communications and collaboration, which legacy systems are incapable of doing,” said Mitch Tarica, Vice President of Commercial Sales at RingCentral. “Our cloud-based platform delivers modern, mobile-centric communications solutions, so universities can focus on delivering a superior educational experience regardless of where their faculty, staff and students may be located.”

Midway University is now looking at ways to expand the benefits of their RingCentral solution by using it to connect with alumni and other important constituents that have a stake in the continued success of the institution.