Solar partners with TalkTalk Business to gain access to UK’s largest all-IP network

PRESS RELEASE: Leading business communications reseller Solar Communications announces a new partnership with TalkTalk Business to expand the Solar SIP, Ethernet Fibre and DSL offering. The agreement gives all Solar customers access to TalkTalk Business’s next-generation network, the UK’s largest and most connected all-IP network in the UK.

Through the partnership, Solar can offer businesses a complete communications package from a single vendor, simplifying the design and implementation process and ensuring systems are fully compatible between one another ¬— while maximising performance and minimising cost for the customer.

Purpose built for SIP, the TalkTalk Business network enables Solar customers to take advantage of the many valuable services that can overlay connectivity, bringing benefits including reliability, cost-saving, scalability and flexibility. TalkTalk Business offers very competitive SIP call rates, providing 99.99% voice availability and a very compelling SLA, as well as fraud mitigation and disaster recovery services.

The new partnership also helps Solar to gain better visibility into customers’ networks by using TalkTalk Business’s provisioning, management and support portal. The portal offers advanced diagnostic tools so Solar support staff can proactively spot issues and act quickly so they don’t escalate.

Solar Communications’ CEO, John Whitty, said: “This year is forecast as the crossover point from ISDN to SIP, so 2016 is the perfect time for an alliance with TalkTalk Business. This partnership is a perfect fit for Solar, enabling us to offer a comprehensive portfolio of voice and communications services that benefit from TalkTalk’s high-quality, next-generation network and future-proof SIP offering.”

TalkTalk Business director of partners Alex Tempest said: “There is an increasing need for next-generation voice and communications solutions to make businesses function successfully today. TalkTalk Business and Solar Communications both recognise that businesses need straightforward access to this broad range of cutting-edge services, backed up by knowledgeable and empowered customer services, to remain competitive in all industries.”

“TalkTalk Business is committed to building relationships with our partners, through which UK businesses can build a voice and communications platforms which will meet their needs both today, and for years to come.”