Cyara Reinvents Contact Center Testing — Virtual Agent Perfects the Customer Experience While Saving Costs, Time and Effort

PRESS RELEASE: Cyara, which accelerates the delivery of a flawless customer experience and has been helping the world’s most elite companies increase operational efficiency for over a decade, has once again disrupted the industry with the introduction of its Virtual Agent for Desktop.

The importance of testing the end-customer experience is now widely understood, but CVA Desktop goes a step further by actually testing how efficiently contact center agents can interact with their desktop applications. It does this by automating and mimicking real-life agent interactions and workflows — for example, answering or ending calls, entering customer information, or looking up account details in CRM applications.

Until now, this was only possible by taking live agents away from their phones and replacing them with human testers. With Cyara’s Virtual Agent, the entire process can be fully automated at any time, on virtually any Windows-based desktop — even “homegrown” desktops. The resulting insights reduce the risk of poor customer experiences caused by slow agent workflow or unresponsive back-end systems.

“Like anyone else, I’ve had the frustrating experience of calling my bank or insurance company only to be told by the agent that the systems are running slowly or that something crashed,” explained Alok Kulkarni, co-Founder and CEO of Cyara. “We’ve learned that when this happens to customers, they rarely complain. They simply walk away forever and take their business elsewhere. With CVA Desktop companies of all sizes can implement comprehensive testing to make sure that they don’t fall victim to these hidden pitfalls.”

This product launch comes on the heels of Cyara’s recent announcement of a $25 million series A funding round led by PeakSpan Capital and Greenspan Associates.

Additional feature and benefits of Cyara’s CVA Desktop product include:

Ability to automate and closely mimic real-life agent interactions and workflows, including to button clicks, text input, and the opening of windows and other applications on the desktop. This eliminates the substantial cost, timing and logistical effort required in using live agents for testing.

Measurement and validation of agent desktop performance including the ability to measure application timing and responsiveness and validate that it is within user-specified thresholds, and the ability to validate application content and behavior including screen-pop contents and application functionality. This increases accuracy and consistency of test results by eliminating human error and subjectivity.

Access for users to define and configure virtually any workflow through the Cyara Portal — users can take control of the creation, updating and management of workflows.

Advanced step-by-step screen-shot capture of generated agent desktop workflows — each step of the executed workflow is captured. CVA Desktop even supports extended multi-display agent desktops (e.g. agent desktops across two screens), giving users deep insight into the agent experience and tangible data to help with troubleshooting.

Drill-down out-of-the-box reports provide a view of agent desktop performance and results enabling users to quickly get an understanding of overall results.