ProsperWorks Adopts RingCentral Office® Integrated with Google for Work to Streamline Communications and Productivity

PRESS RELEASE: RingCentral announced that ProsperWorks, the world’s first “zero-input” CRM designed specifically for Google Apps, has adopted RingCentral Office® within its workforce to reap the benefits of a fully-featured cloud phone system, messaging, and call analytics solution that is integrated with Google for Work.

“We switched to RingCentral because of the comprehensive insights it delivers that help us drive productivity and ultimately improve conversion,” said Bret Knobelauch, Senior Director and Global Head of Sales at ProsperWorks. “Also, the user experience and integration with Google Apps is fantastic. Our sales team spends 60-80% of their day on their desktop engaged in prospecting new clients and on sales calls, so the ability to make and receive calls directly within Gmail and ProsperWorks CRM has made our workflow much more efficient.”

ProsperWorks helps companies sell faster by identifying, organizing and tracking sales opportunities right within Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive. By eliminating data entry, ProsperWorks customers get a 29% higher lead conversion rate and save up to four hours per week.

RingCentral provides advanced business communications that operate seamlessly within Google for Work applications. RingCentral for Google for Work is a trusted solution selected by the Recommended for Google Apps for Work program. It was chosen by Google for its high security, reliability, and quality of integration with Google business tools.

In addition to the tight integration with Google for Work, RingCentral also provides the ProsperWorks team with valuable call data they can use to map conversion trends and identify areas for improvement. For example, using RingCentral, ProsperWorks sales representatives can see their communications history, such as how many calls they have made. Also, supervisors can regularly check on the team’s call productivity right from a mobile phone, see trends, and intervene if there seems to be an issue that needs to be addressed.

“ProsperWorks is a great example of the growing list of innovative companies that have selected RingCentral as part of their strategic business communications and collaboration needs,” said Richard Borenstein, Senior Vice President of Business Development at RingCentral. “We look forward to further partnering with ProsperWorks as they continue their successful journey and provide a fantastic experience for their customers.”