Verint Cited for Innovation and Leadership in Interaction Recording

Verint LogoPRESS RELEASE: Verint® announced industry analyst research citing the company for its continued worldwide leadership in recording solutions—an important anchor solution for any organization’s contact center, enterprise compliance and overall customer engagement optimization strategy.

For companies looking to enhance compliance, reduce liability, adhere to industry standards, expedite dispute resolution and increase operational effectiveness, Verint provides a broad portfolio of solutions to automate the capture and analysis of recorded customer interactions and enable timelier, more informed decision making.

A Recognized Innovator in Recording Solutions

Verint has long been recognized as a leader and innovator in recording solutions. Holding more than 200 patents and patent applications in this area, it has thousands of customers around the world leveraging these capabilities to support their quality, operational effectiveness and compliance requirements.

According to industry analyst firm Pelorus Associates, Verint is the market leader in contact center recording and contact center software and services worldwide.1 In addition, data in DMG Consulting LLC’s 2015/2016 Workforce Optimization Product and Market Report cites that “Verint continued to be the dominant competitor in the voice recording sector during the first half of 2015 accounting for 53.7% of the market.”2

Donna Fluss, president of DMG Consulting, notes, “In today’s world of high-speed distributed networks and software-only applications, recording solutions have to be highly scalable, flexible, secure and capable of capturing and centralizing the management of interactions, regardless of where employees are based. Multi-channel recording is a must, as it is essential for an organization to ‘see’ what is happening in all of the channels in which customers and prospects interact with them.”3

Advancements and Drivers Taking Recording to New Heights

Over the past year, Verint has continued to further advance its recording architecture by embedding real-time analytics to automate manual tagging and call dispositioning methods that can accelerate retrieval of relevant calls and save up to 90 percent of call review time with content-driven visualized playback. Ongoing serviceability and maintenance are also easier with enhancements that deliver peace of mind and lower total cost of ownership. Using Verint Speech Analytics™, organizations can gain unbiased insights to guide and elevate recording and subsequent customer engagement processes. In addition to traditional recording, the company offers a host of advanced solutions, including PCI and regulatory compliance, and AES-256 recording encryption.

Compliance Requirements Driving Demand and Adoption

As industry and market research examines the recording market, compliance continues to be cited as a critical and key trend for 2016.

Notes Dick Bucci, principal, Pelorus Associates, “Compliance will continue to be a powerful driver of new purchases and system upgrades. The legal landscape for call recording consists of numerous state and federal laws and industry mandates. Yet while laws do not always specify a requirement to record interactions, voice and data recordings are very valuable for monitoring compliance and identifying potential exposures.”4