HGS Addresses High Demand for Customer Service via Text Messaging with New DigiTEXT Offering

PRESS RELEASE: Hinduja Global Solutions Limited (HGS) announced its DigiTEXT service, a solution that allows brands to easily engage via automated and live agent assisted text with today’s multitasking consumer. The offering also bolsters existing customer service capabilities by allowing customers and agents to easily pivot from voice, chat, web, or email to text and from text back to another channel at any point throughout a single interaction, based on topic and customer preference.

With 76.8 percent mobile market penetration in the United States, consumers are increasingly expecting mobile devices to be a seamless way to manage customer service inquiries.1,2 In addition to providing a much-needed channel for busy customers to get support 24/7, or start and stop the interaction at their convenience, DigiTEXT can help companies alleviate their customer support phone volume and decrease agent assisted support using text automation, all while ensuring live agent support is made available for complex issues or for the customers who prefer it, ultimately improving first contact resolution.

“As a customer, imagine being able to call a company on your mobile device as you walk to your train, for instance, and then moving the conversation to text when you get on board, or to quickly snap a photo of your broken item and skip the annoying process of describing which product and model you have – all without losing your place in line or having to start from square one,” said Lauren Kindzierski, Vice President of Solutions & Capabilities at HGS. “That’s what people want and expect right now, and DigiTEXT will make it a reality for many brands.”

DigiTEXT streamlines mobile interactions in two ways, with both approaches integrating the cutting-edge channel-pivoting capabilities:

Automated Texting: Deflect phone volume to automated self-service texting. Through intelligent routing, HGS’s DigiTEXT recognizes who the customer is, and why they are texting based on past interactions to direct the customer to the fastest resolution.
Live Agent Assisted Text Customer Service: When support moves beyond what can be automated, a two-way conversation via text messaging gives customers an easier and more flexible way to resolve issues with minimal effort, without having to call or wait on hold. Conversational support is reducing effort and improving customer satisfaction.

Another breakthrough that is making text one of the highest demand new channels supported by HGS is that companies can text-enable existing 1-800 numbers. Combined with the adoption of smart devices and virtual no cost text plans, the channel of communication will likely grow faster than any other customer support channel in the next 2–3 years.

HGS’s DigiTEXT service has been shown to decrease calls to agents by as much as 41 percent, reducing the cost of voice calls and helping increase customer and agent satisfaction. Implementing a text solution can save 50 percent over the cost of voice calls and allow companies to best utilize their support staff.

HGS DigiTEXT uses HGS Digital Natural Assist (DNA), a knowledge management technology that unifies the customer experience across channels. A full-service solution, HGS DNA helps companies in complex industries save time and money by helping customers easily access the information they need, often on their own.

“We know today’s consumer expects two-way conversations, at the times and places most convenient for them,” said Chris Lord, Head of Global Growth, Strategy and Marketing at HGS. “Savvy companies are responding by adopting systems like DigiTEXT that continue to allow consumers to shape their customer support experiences around their preferences and their schedules.”

According to Partha DeSarkar, CEO HGS, “Developing customer centric and innovative products and services is an ongoing journey at HGS. Solutions such as the Digital Assist Text keeps us in tune with our clients’ requirements, thus enabling flexible customer support experiences.”