Etech to Unveil Integrated Solution for Great Customer Experience at IRCE 2016

PRESS RELEASE: Etech Global Services will introduce several exciting new tools at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) on June 7-10 in Chicago, Illinois.

During the show, trendsetting tech company Etech will show clients how its Integrated Customer Engagement (ICE) product is a key differentiator as a customer experience solution. This innovative collection of tools leverages Etech’s 20 years of expertise into a bundle that combines the functionalities of live-chat, email and quality evaluation.

ICE software can help businesses in various retail industry verticals reach a higher level of efficiency with these three solutions:

Click-to-Chat: Live-chat software is the ideal answer for today’s customer-service challenges. Click-to-Chat combines immediacy and live engagement into a personal experience that can lead to higher sales conversions. The software includes a keystroke indicator so the customer service specialist can have a quick response on hand, and it also collects visitor-behavior data to boost business intelligence information. Live-chat representatives will have the support of Knowledgebase integration for efficient responses to questions and an enhanced customer experience.

Email: The ICE email management system is perfect for the high-volume setting. It automatically manages and organizes large numbers of incoming emails so that each one receives appropriate attention and a fast response. Customer service agents will appreciate the software’s flexibility and its ability to improve their efficiency while helping them achieve better customer satisfaction.

QEval: The quality-assurance solution monitors both inbound and outbound communications, including chats, emails and phone calls. The software captures valuable metrics and crafts them into intelligent reporting to improve performance, compliance and overall service quality. QEval allows businesses in the customer-experience field to access a seamless blend of skilled resources, smart processes and innovative technology.