Conectys Strengthens Vertical Expertise in Consumer Products & Hospitality through Account Growth

PRESS RELEASE: Conectys, the global provider of multilingual outsourcing solutions announced that it will be increasing its headcount by over 30%, based on the growth of two of its major clients.

One of the growing accounts is a leading Consumer Products & Services company that has been on the honoree list of Inc. 500 for three consecutive years. Conectys provides support over voice and email to its client’s loyal customers and distributors in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, from offices located in the Philippines. These services will be expanding to customers in the United States, thus increasing Conectys’ employee base from 20 to 150.

Conectys will also be increasing its headcount for another thriving client, a global provider of internet services in the premium hospitality industry. As the single provider of tech support solutions for business travelers and hotel staff in EMEA and the Americas, Conectys will expand its employee base from 40 to 100.

The company attributes this growth to strong leadership and partnered approach, certified processes (PCI DSS and ISO 9001), and unique business intelligence data provided through its as-a-service technology, ConectysOS. This platform elevates consumer experience and loyalty by giving Conectys’ clients a real time view of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and consumer satisfaction, coupled with extensive reporting and auto Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring. Customer journey mapping, as well as product and process changes are therefore based on real-time consumer feedback, bringing accuracy and speed in product and marketing decisions.

“We are delighted to be increasing our employee base and look forward to adding new talented and intelligent multilinguals to our growing team”, CEO Arnold Cobbaert said. “It’s with the determination and passion of our employees and with our clients’ trust that Conectys continues to disrupt the traditional outsourcing models. We are also looking forward to reach a total headcount of 700 by the end of the year, based on committed pipeline, placing us right on the path to realize our goal of having 2020 employees by 2020.”

Supporting over 35 different languages, Conectys currently has 1100 operational seats in six offices around the globe.